A special THANK YOU to all our corporate donors, listed below, for supplying us each week with extra foods for our families!

IMPACT of Southern Arizona operates two Food Banks: One in Catalina and another in Vail. Together we serve an average of 600 different families each month. Interestingly, it is not the same group every time. People come only when they need help: perhaps between jobs, during a financial crisis or medical emergency, or if employed in a minimum wage job that regularly reduces the number of hours offered in a week. In a one-year period, we helped reduce hunger through food assistance to more than 1425 different families providing canned goods, meat, produce, fruit, dairy, breads, and more - feeding the homeless, the children, the seniors, and the hungry in your community. On the weekends IMPACT helps the most vulnerable school aged children in the Vail community by delivering fifty MIM packages (Mighty IMPACT Meals) to the most struggling children, who are referred to us through school district staff. Each receives two breakfasts, 2 lunches, 2 snacks and 2 dinners. In NW Pima, local churches facilitate a similar school year program, and we plan to partner with them to cover the summer months and school holiday periods. All of this is only possible thanks to the support you give through food drives, donations, and volunteering.

We launched Mighty Impact Meals  (MIM’s) in the 2013/2014 school year for low-income families in Vail. These back-packs ensure that students who receive free or reduced lunches and breakfast at school will have nutritional light meals over the weekends. More than 50 youngsters participate every week.
Our Agency Partners | These organizations direct many of our food handling policies and procedures. 
Food safety is most important to us all, as we feed many people with compromised health conditions. 
Everything is $1 at the Dollar Tree in 
 Oro Valley - a great place to shop 
 for toiletry donations!